Piano lessons




PIANO LESSONS are individually tailored to suit particular needs. As well as study, I endeavour to instil inspiration and  an element of fun into my teaching methods and instruction as this plays a key factor in keeping students interested and inspired, especially if the going gets tough!

N.B. Please note that I will not take students who wish to learn piano by ear. A desire to understand at least a basic modicum of written music is a pre-requisite.


Anyone can learn to play the piano, from young children through to adults wishing to take up a new interest . Generally speaking children can start from about the age of four.

There are no prerequisites for learning to play the piano, only a desire to embrace one of the most rewarding challenges you will ever decide to undertake.


Lessons are held on weekdays, generally once or twice a week.  A learning program will be designed for you which will be worked through gradually week by week and at a comfortable pace that is suitable to your ability. Improving your skills will benefit enormously from practice and/or study at home, preferably on a daily basis.  This might be as little as 10 minutes per day, rising as your expertise grows.

For children, it is important that parents encourage regular practice. Spending time listening to their hard work and encouraging rehearsals will ensure much improved results. An unorganised and rushed schedule is a slippery slope which generally leads to slower progress, boredom and ultimately, learning piano and music theory regrettably becomes a chore.



I would normally recommend that examinations in piano are taken with the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM). This is the world's leading music examination board and their accreditations are universally accepted. I will however work in league with any examination board of your choosing if preferred.

Whilst undertaking exams can be a useful barometer of progression and a useful goal to strive for (especially younger students) they are not mandatory. Becoming an able and talented pianist requires many skills not solely or necessarily dependant upon examination results.